HWP 7 Colorful flash Touch lights Frozen Anna and Elsa Dolls Clock Dolls

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Product Highlights:
1, issue seven kinds of colors and soft Aurora, loop transformation, create a romantic atmosphere.
2, small and cute, well-made, on the table, even more cozy feeling.
3, the time display fully functional, real-time display, calendar date display, day display.
4, Thermometer function, real-time sensing ambient temperature.
5, Alarm clock function, 8 kinds of alarm music.
6, nightlights function, night view of time, looking glass, gently pat the top, soft Aurora will light about 6 seconds, then automatically withheld.
7, LED long life, 10 years do not need to be replaced.
8, LED low power consumption, no heat, very efficient.
9, relieve stress chromotherapy: can the human body has its own "internal color balance" to stimulate and produce healthy adjustment to achieve the pleasurable feeling, stable mood, relieve stress, reduce fatigue effect. Has a very positive role in mitigation and adjuvant therapy for the fast pace of modern life and work pressure caused by a variety of mental illnesses. 

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